MyTego iPhone Vinyl Skin

26 09 2009
  • First impression

Great and easy website to work with, had no issues designing the skin using their online template and simply used PayPal for payment.


  • What to expect in the mail

Arrived in a funky looking envelope, inside contents include:

–   The customised iPhone 3G / 3GS skin
–   Clear transfer film with installation instructions on the back – It’s basically similar to those clear plastic wrap you use to protect text books
–   Alcohol swab

  • Delivery time

Normal/standard – Took 3 weeks for the item to be printed and mailed to Australia. No complaints here.

iPhone_peelThere wasn’t any sticky residue if you’re wondering.

  • Applying & removing the 3M vinyl skin

Very easy, just follow their instructions.

You’ll notice in the above image the skin is being removed (and yes there’s a bit of fluff on the edges), I actually have two skins; it’s because the first one wasn’t what I expected so contacted them about product feedback and they simply gave me store credit and said to try again but follow their additional instructions in regards to file size and whatnot. Waited another 3 weeks and now you have a satisfied customer.

blurImage example: First skin came out unclear, a bit of a blur. I probably submitted an incorrect file requirement or they didn’t calibrate their printers but it’s all good in the end. Got the perfect result the second attempt.


  • Final words


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