24 themed Apps from iTunes

25 09 2009

Here are some 24 themed iPhone applications currently available on the iTunes store.

Remember, these are only suggestions I haven’t purchased all of them:


  • 24: Special Ops – Created by Digital Chocolate

You can purchase the official 24 game released by Digital Chocolate and be Jack Bauer in the game. You basically shoot terrorists and perform mini tasks in order to advance to the next level.


iTunes: BUY | FREE trial version

  • Theme Clock – Created by Nouvelle Niche

For those who use their iPhones as a clock stand. It’s so simple yet so useful, and best of all it’s free.


iTunes: FREE

  • CTU – Created by iDev software

It’s basically ano

ther clock stand but mimics 24 by displaying your photos on a split screen. Pretty neat it even has the 24 clock sound effect! (Mind you it got a bit annoying after a while so just disable it in the settings.)


iTunes: BUY

  • 24 Countdown Clock – Created by Infin8 Design

Similar to CTU (above) where your pictures are placed on a split screen but instead it counts down to an important day, eg wedding day/anniversary or even an episode of the show.


iTunes: BUY

  • CTU eye scan – Created by Lucky D Software

Novelty application for your phone.

EyeScan-capiTunes: BUY

  • Jack Bauer Facts – Created by Fadhad Qureshi

Who doesn’t love them but the current version is disappointing enough that I immediately removed it from my phone after it was downloaded. I don’t know if a fan created this app or not but good try.

JackFacts-capiTunes: BUY | FREE light version

  • 24 Trivia

Current version graphic wise… looks… shit. It’s great someone realised that they could make money out of us fans but judging by the preview some effort could have been put in for the design. Looks cheap (and don’t ask me why they have a screen cap of Rob Thomas trivia)

Trivia-capiTunes: BUY