24 iPhone skin!

26 09 2009
  • Skins for your phone:

24 - Jack Bauer iPhone (ENLARGE)

There’s plenty of options on the market such as BestSkinsEver, GelaSkins, DecalGirl, iSkins but after some research I opted for Canadian based MyTego.com which produces  ‘3M vinyl, along with a unique “Tego-Guard” protective coating that extends the life of your skin’.

The great thing about MyTego is they allow you to customise or personalise your design rather than purchasing premade ones from an online collection.

Jack Bauer iPhone

  • Designing the skin:

I’m a massive 24 fan, so I obtained several high quality images from FOX’s official 24 website, the image above was part of their marketing campaign for Season 7. Of course the design on your iPhone will be up to you, I just like 24 – a lot.

I slightly tweaked it on Photoshop by removing the premiere date and tag line but kept the FOX logo while fading in the sides more. The graphic designer did a marvellous job so it still remains as close to the original as possible.

Just for fun, I used an online barcode generator to create the barcode. It should state JACK BAUER if scanned (not that I would ever check).

For users who have a white iPhone, I recommend trying this 24 promotional poster instead. [note to self: Insert link here]

Initially I was going to use a satellite Google map of my city but Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) won in the end.

To SAVE the file onto your computer follow the link. [note to self: Insert link here]

24 skin plus iPhone 3GS

  • Protecting your iPhone 3G/ 3GS with a case:

It’s up to you on which clear case you prefer, there are plenty of options on the market these days.

For me it was between the Power Support’s Air jacket, Agent 18’s slim ClearShield or the Griffin Reveal.

Always remember to read the reviews prior to purchase; I’m satisfied with the Reveal. It protects the chrome when faced down on the table, the exposed bottom doesn’t faze me one bit and the fact that the GRIFFIN logo doesn’t affect the skin design.

I sometimes forget I even have a case on, it has a bit of a naked feel without the extra bulk you expect.


Check my Flickr gallery for more images.

  • Links used:

24 website – Gallery section
Griffin Technology – Reveal case or reviews on Apple Store (U.S)

Other :

•  MyTego photographs on Flickr

• Awesome example – Gameboy case

  • Notes:

If you plan to use the 24 image on MyTego, make sure you resize it correctly on their online template, keep in mind you will be folding the skin down on the side corners of your phone so allow for some space. Set the background colour to black.

According to some Reveal reviews I’ve read, it may create a watermark effect on the back of the case – that doesn’t bother me since all you need to do to remove it is gently apply some pressure on the back which should ‘pop’ the phone forward allowing a small gap (that doesn’t make sense does it?).

Keep in mind that for any plastic case, there’s a chance it’ll scratch the back of your iPhone especially if there’s any trapped sand or while you’re in the process of installing or removing it.

But if you use a skin or protective covers such as InvisibleShield or warpsol as suggested on online forums then I’m sure your phone will be fine.

The case is plastic, it’s designed to protect your iPhone from bumps & scratches so I wouldn’t worry about it being scratched itself. Better on the case than your phone and remember, it’s not a hard shell where you can drop it from a great height.

Also be aware that some cases are designed for a tight fit so always Google to see if placing skins on them will affect the design or what not.

  • Disclaimer:

I don’t work for MyTego or Griffin, had to pay full price for the items + normal shipping fees to Australia (absolutely ridiculous cost sometimes).

ALSO I encountered printing issues with my skin so they were nice enough to offer me another one free of charge (I thought I had to pay postage and handling fees again but I didn’t). The waiting time for the Reveal was 2 months because it was out of stock and when it did return – availability in Australia was (at the time) non existent.

It’s up to you on which skin or case you would like but these are the two which best suited me.





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15 08 2010

i want to buy one of these!

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