CTU or Jack Bauer wallpaper for iPhone (3G or 3GS or iPod Touch)

25 09 2009
  • Looking for a CTU or 24 themed wallpaper for your iPhone?



(right click ‘save as’)

You can easily create your own like below for example:

JackBauer-24-iPhone-wallpaperDCJack Bauer iPhone wallpaper #1

JackBauer-24-iPhone-wallpaperJack Bauer iPhone wallpaper #2

CTU-24-iPhone-wallpaper-BWCTU iPhone wallpaper – Counter Terrorist Unit


Also if you haven’t yet done so you can Google for the CTU ringtone for your iPhone, and if you have a jail broken phone you can try installing the ‘clock ticking’ sound as your message tone. Why Apple doesn’t allow users to customise our message tone I really don’t understand.

UPDATE: MORE wallpapers now available (season 8)





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7 01 2010
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